I’m really pleased with my new site design and all the cool things it can do. Today I’m tweaking some of those features and could use a little help with that.

1. I have this post being sent directly to facebook instead of via twitter. Please let me know if you see the thumbnail on facebook and if it looks different then this:

2. I’ve connected facebook and my post together so now when you comment there it should show here and vice versa… at least that’s what its suppose to do. could you leave a comment in either place so i have more data to use then just myself to draw from?

3. I’ve added FB share and like buttons, can you click both of those please.

4. I’ve had a paypal donate button for a long time but I’ve never gotten the donation wall to work so I can properly thank those that helped me out. I get the money and a bunch of lines of errors when it tires to write to the wall.

I think I’ve this fixed but paypal will not let me donate to myself to check. If you have the means could you please put a dollar into the account for me?

I’ll understand if no one does that, so no pressure.

5. I’ve taken the twitter feed off of the left sidebar and replaced it with a random post widget. It still needs tweaking because the pictures it shows are not the ones I want so play with that if you want, and let me know what you think.

I’ve got another extra gig tomorrow so i will be out of touch for most of the day, this is a good thing cus it will give the system time to synce up the comments and I won’t loose patience. Once I’m home I’ll let you know if it all worked.

Thanks for everyeone’s help!