Hey guys, we have a guest blogger today with some pretty exciting news


Hello everyone, most of you don’t know me, I’m the mysterious “buddy Chris” that Peter mentions every once in a while. If you don’t know, I’m in the same class as Peter, if you saw the iMan movie, I was the guy getting punched in the face, just for reference.

Here is the deal, I’m a big auto racing fan and a few months ago, I found an ad for a design contest that had to do with NASCAR. Two things that I love, design and racing put together, I naturally clicked on it, curious to see what it was all about. It ends up being a contest to design the pace car of an upcoming NASCAR race, sponsored by Sharpie. I entered it, made up my car in Photoshop, using some basic skills learned at Full Sail. Anyway, last week I received a FedEx package from Sanford, telling me I am one of 5 (that’s 5) finalists in the NATION.

Today is the first day today is the first day to vote for my car, so I am trying to put this fact out to as many people as physically possible, and I figured what better place than the famous Wacko Blog, which gets so many hits everyday.

There is a limit of one vote per email address, so if you have a couple emails, multiple votes would be appreciated, each vote literally only takes a couple seconds.

If I win, I get $1000, two tickets to the race where the pace car that I design will be run, plus I get to ride in it as it goes around the track, not to mention how huge this is for me to put on my resume as a designer.

Here’s the site where you vote:
http://contest. sharpie. com/

The picture they show is a little small, so here’s the full sized image


clicking on the picture will take you to the voting area too.

I’m Chris SIEGLE, by the way, there are a couple Chrises… Chrisi… multiple Chris? from Florida, so I want to make sure you get the right one.

Thanks for listening, even though you probably don’t know me and thanks again Peter, for letting me use your blog for this.


no problem man, and good luck!