Scott came by last night and lent me his PS3 so I could capture some HD footage for my next video.

Even with the long hours at the internship and rebuilding the computer, getting this footage is the real reason it’s been a month and a half since my last video.

I tried downloading it, but I couldn’t get the footage in resolutions I could use for what I have in mind. Every time I found something that was good enough I couldn’t convert it to a codec that any of the adobe products would accept, so just like with any of my SD projects I went back to analog capture.

A lot of video people will tell me I’m crazy for doing it this way, but the thing about this process is that it works every time. I don’t have to worry about cross converting, copyright protection, or some weird driver problem. Play and Record will finally let me get what I need in a 1:1 capture time and in the codec I want to work with right off the bat.

Now that I have this footage I plan to get this done fairly quickly so you can expect it right after I get back from my trip.