One of the first things I did when I started Wacko Reviews was build a teleprompter so I wouldn’t have to remember my lines. During the 4th of July break I helped Erik out with a client and brought my gear over to full sail’s green screen room.



Whenever I build things like this I always feel like they’re the best thing ever, but rarely do I get the chance to actually show them off. It was really great seeing it used in a professional studio.  My camera is identical to what the shcool has so we could use the remote to activate both cameras at the same time too.

The whole thing works perfectly, she was even able to control it herself between takes.


Soon I will have to space to set up my gear permanently and it’s nice to know that other people will be able to use it without a lot of confusion. I will never have a studio as nice as at schools, but I can fake it.