Gabi missed the last movie’s premiere because of lack of funds and even though we are scary poor now she would have been heartbroken to miss it again.

She went to the midnight show in costume and was able to snag an extra ticket for me so I got dressed up and went too!

what did I think?

WOW! I was blown away by this film and I had already read the book so I knew what was happening. This movie managed to out empire empire and that is damn near impossible to do. War is coming, and it sparks the imagination something fierce.

Yea we’re nerds, but when you have your own green screen what is really considered over the top?

We though we were the only people in costume but it ran in three theaters that night and we found two more like minded folks after.

The last part of the story comes out next summer… damn I need a time turner cus that’s way to long of a wait!