I’ve been holding off on posting the stuff I’ve been working on for the Lucidity campaign but that’s brought my blog to a screeching halt.

I’m still going to keep most of it secret until the official play through is done, but I don’t think the people who are going to play will be reading this post, but even if they do showing this part off isn’t going to hurt too much.

Most of the galaxy uses “soft credits” as their currency. These work like a debit card and take the money directly out of your account. Even in the far future there’s still a need for physical transactions though, and that’s where “Hard Credits” come in.

I made a bunch of them because I had the resources and because I want the crew to earn as little or as much as they want, depending on how they play.

The credits are written in Alliance basic as well as Ren and Massomian native tongues.

Some of you might recognize the fonts I used, but I didn’t see a need to reinvent the wheel here, besides if I use languages some geeks can actually read it’s just a little bit more fun for them.

The higher numbers are more rare and have hologram decals.

What’s cool is its not a guarantee they will ever see a credit this high or any of this money at all, like a table top game what happens to them is entirely up to their decisions.

It’s gone over well during play testing, so I expect to see greed during the show.

we’ll know soon!