Cassiline is a great photographer and she posted all of her pictures over at TCF.  I thought it was a better report then I made yesterday, so her post is today’s guest blog.


Here are the pics

MadCap giving lovies to Lucy

Mystique getting in on the action. Lucy not complaining

Becky and Banshee

Notice Lucy is the only one concerned bout getting come camera time

Banshee and her auction prize. Woot!

Group Shot: Back row L-R…Crashdown, Wacko, Cosmos, Digital Rampage, Pam, Whisper, and Stacy Front Row L-R…Becky, Banshee, Mystique, Cassiline, Madcap

Lucy and Alex looking on dispassionately from the sidelines.


Cosmos found Watchmen underwear…Score!!


The emo sets in post finale

Lucy and Cosmos

I want to thank everyone for attending my first frak party. I hope everyone had fun and let’s do it again in 150,000 years. All this has happened before……


Thanks again for having us, Cass, it was fun!