When I showed off the new studio I talked about how much physical work it took to empty, but I didn’t talk about what it took to make it look really great.


I’m good at big tasks that require effort for hours on end, but I’m not good at things where I have to stop before I move on to the next task.  Gabi on the other hand is great at this kind of detail.

She is a master, and I do mean master, of painting.

Over the last few years I’ve realized how good we are together, she excels where I fall short and I can’t thank her enough for going through all the effort simply because she knew it was important to me.

This isn’t the first time these skills have come in use, but it was the most important to me.  She single handedly cleaned, taped, and painted my new green screen making sure it was all a uniform perfect color as well as helped me clean out the final dirt and trash from the now empty garage. She would have rather been in the warm house, but she was out there for two days without complaint as we made it absolutely perfect.

She also helps (and by help I mean do most of the work) any time things need to look their best. If it’s the car, a suit I’m wearing, or an entire room, she’s the one that sweeps, mops, and get’s rid of spider webs.

It’s not because it’s “woman’s work” either. I ask her to do this because I know she can help me from my own ineptitude and lack of patience. Without her everything I touch would look like complete crap because I would never do those final details.

So lets hear it for Gabi! Super awesome girl that she is! Thank you Sweetie, I love you.