Since I built my green screen studio I’ve wanted to raise the stage floor.

garage 07

Not only will it bridge the gap between the trim and the green wall it will also let me run cables under it, and will give the area a sense of separation from the rest of the garage and keep people from stacking things there. (I’ve had a problem with Gabi’s rents scuffing it, they mean well but I don’t have the paint to fix it at the moment.)

I was going to buy some 2x4s and make my own base, but as I went to the store to buy it I realized that I could get some of the longer pallets and use them instead.

If you’re curious, Gabi and I loaded them with the top down on my car in 30 degree weather to get them, totally worth it!

They’re not the exact same size, so it took some doing to get them to line up. Once that was done I cut the longer plywood to match and now it looks really good.

Not counting the paint and the time it took to clean the garage, this project has cost me nothing. All of the lumber involved was free and it even helps with the clutter of the entire house because i had no other place to store that wood anyway.

Next step is to install the florescent lights I just picked up to give it even coverage, then I’ll find a fabric that can be placed down on the floor and attached to the wall to give me the ability to do full body composting ability.