This is the first great find that I brought with me and didn’t find in the piles of junk in the house.


This game is one of my favorites of all time. I’ve had this disk since 1994 and I’ve been wanting to replay it for years but havn’t been able to because it runs on old-school hard coded dos 5.0 and none of my system could run that.


Now thanks to new updates of DoxBox I’m able to emulate the old OS and it actually runs!


It’s an classic point and click adventure puzzle game with the bonus of having the actual cast do all the voice work. A lot like mass effect you can chose who beams down what gear they take, and who is in charge of the away team.


There is more they one way to solve a lot of the mystery’s and you can be friendly or aggressive to almost anyone and get a different response from them.

I’ve tired to replay it a few times over the years and I was a little afraid it would suck, but I’m estatic to find out it’s just as good as I remember. Those screen shots are actually full resolution and size. I’m even running this off the original CD so it really takes me back to a time where AOL was king and this was high end graphics.

I just wish the actual show could have been this good in the last ten years, but you can’t get everything you want.