The is one of the many interesting things found in the house when we moved in. You can see them all here.

Yup, all the time we’ve been living here we have not had air conditioning or heat in the house….

or hot water…

and for the fist few weeks no water at all…

or a fridge…

Most of that is fixed now, we’ve had a fridge and running water for months, but the hot water and ac unit have been offline the whole time. We used space heaters and blankets during the winter but it was still really cold. And now that summer is here it was getting really hot.

The only thing I knew about the AC is that the breakers were fine, but it wasn’t even trying to start up so i suspected it wasn’t getting power. I didn’t know where to start in trying to troubleshoot it so we turned on the fans and were waiting for my dad to come help.

Well somehow cleaning out the basement to make room for the car helped because now it’s working perfectly!

Don’t worry, going without something like that isn’t as bad here as it would have been in Florida, It did get up to 90 in the house a few times but it was usually bearable in the low 80’s. And with fans set up it would be ok wherever Gabi and I happen to be in the house. But I’m not going to lie, having control of the climate is the bees knees and I hope to never go without it again.

I did learn one interesting fact from that though; no AC and motion sensing lights can bring your power bill down to 70 bucks a month and that is something I’ve always been curious about.

So with that magically taken care of, all that’s left is to get the hot water heater working. The only delay with that is we don’t want to get gas so we plan to replace it with an electric one, but either way it will be online by dragoncon where i expect a lot of my friends to come visit.