I’ve really been enjoying my bike, it’s cheaper and easier then my car ever was. I’ve ridden it in the freezing cold and the rain and while unpleasant, it wasn’t really that bad. The only problem I’ve had is that I am notoriously good at getting lost.

Gabi calls me Pchan for a reason you know.

Doing some research I found that there are GPS units for bikes, weather proofed and bluetooth enabled for 600 bucks a pop! I already have one for 89, so that was out. They sell mounting brackets for my tomtom, but they were just as much as the machine itself and I didn’t want to have it sticking out like that.

What I really wanted was the ability to strap it to my glove, and I thought surely there was something like that on the market, I was really surprised to find there not only didn’t it retail anywhere, but no one else has thought to do the mod. This means I’m pretty much creating something new and that hardly happens, especially since it was so simple.

For starters I grabbed some of the Velcro strapping I keep in abundant supply and cut it to a length that wraps around my glove nice and snug.

The gps itself just slides in the top, the bottom of it is held together with the fuzzy side of the Velcro.

I took some of my sticky Velcro and put it on the palm. and cut some space to be more contoured to my thumb.

It works better then you think, I’ve been using it for over a year and holds up to highway speeds no problem.

When I was on my way home the other day it was raining and all I had to do was put a plastic bag over it to keep it safe. As long as I remember to charge it before I go on a trip I am golden, but a rig to charge it from the bike on long trips is in the works.

This is one of my favorite pieces of motorcycle gear, and it cost me almost nothing. The entire rig works perfectly, to the point that I can’t believe they don’t make them this way. It’s so easy to see from my handle bar, and obviously easy to take with me. I can hear it really well too. I’ll admit the ability to have the sound go out to a headset would be useful.

The next step is to wire it up to the motorcycle’s power for trips longer then an hour. To do that I’m modding a usb cigarette lighter and I’ll be sure to post when and if I complete it.