I think almost everyone agrees that facebook and twitter have replaced the networking myspace use to do for us. When I launched wackomedia.com I was worried that the readers of my myspace blog wouldn’t follow me so I set it up that it would be mirrored there.

I’ve had this site running for 7 months now and it’s very rare that I get any linked traffic from the old site so I think it’s time to stop feeding even the excerpt over.

If you are reading this from myspace, this will be the last post that you’ll see there, from now on all you’ll get is the title of the post and a link over to here to read it. If you use myspace to find out when a new blog is up it will still serve that function so as far as I can tell this won’t impact anyone.

I expect this to be an easy transition but it’s still kinda sad though. It’s where I started blogging everyday (and I’ve rarely skipped) and for all practical purposes this was my first website and it taught me a lot of what I do now.

So here’s to myspace, you were good to us.