I’ve been on special project for 3 months at my job and now that is over and I’m back on the phones. I thought I would feel a little more rusty then I actually do, but I’m having no trouble adapting.

the truth is I’m glad to be back, because I don’t have much time left with the company. (I’m going to fullsail in October) and I would rather spend that time keeping my head down on the phones, with no other responsibilities. so far so good.

I mentioned a few times that I’m about to be a poor college student. well I’m getting a sneak preview of that this week. I paid one bill too many this pay cycle and find myself with 5 dollars to my name.

I bought bread, bologna and cheese today for 4.95 and that means i have a shiny nickel until the 11th. I’m actually kinda glad because I should learn what having no money is like now so I can be ready for it when it happens all the time.