Good Morphin America was a one shot game I did for AFO 2008.  Jason David Frank (Tommy the Green Ranger) was a guest with us for the first time so I made a Sunday show that celebrated all things Power Rangers.   By the way, I know morphin is spelled wrong, but I didn’t catch it until well after the con so this is the way it will stay.


There were a few things that made this game special.  It  had virtual actors on stage for the first time using my dual teleprompter system, It featured James doing his great Goldar voice, and it was the first game built specifically as a one off, the only show built to never run again.

I did end up taking game mechanics and putting them into Weakeset Geek II, but for the most part this show existed just that once.

Eventually, we hope to make another simluar show staring Goldar and Krang, but I haven’t had the time to design it yet.