I think I’ve said before that when I need to grab footage for cartoons big damn or whatnot I like to pull it from the DVD via capture card.

It’s old fashioned, but it works for me better then anything else… until the card breaks.  I’ve been having trouble with that on and off for the last year and now the damn thing just refuses to capture anymore. 

I went to compusa to see about picking up a cheap new one and then I found this.


With this bad boy I can finally grab footage in full 1080i from Xbox or Blu Ray sources.

It’s a little over 200 bucks, so I can’t get it right now, but soon.  Oh yes it will be mine very soon, and then I’ll finally finish episode one of The Wheldon Smiley show.

Until I get it though I can’t capture, luckily I haven’t really needed it for Cartoons 3 because downloading high rez files has become easier, but I still need it for a few DVDs I’ve gotten from netflix.

I’m almost done with this project so I guess I should just suck it up, download the last things I need and call it a day.

Should be done this week.