One of the laptops I’m using for Lucidity has a dying touchpad, and since I really don’t want to use regular mice Leo was nice enough to donate a cool looking trackball.


I’ve been using the mouse for the last few days and it’s pretty cool, better then I remember trackballs being. The problem was that it didn’t have a scroll wheel and that would be helpful to the Science Station.

Since I had already made custom parts for engineering and weapons I figured I’d make something for scrolling.


Yes you are seeing this correctly, that is a really elaborate add-on that only does 3rd wheel scrolling.

[Update] I grinded down the bracket, added some padding to make it more ergonomic, and added a hubcap. I changed some of the pics instead of making a new post.

The mouse I used to make this I bought many years ago. It was cheap at the time because it had 3 ultra bright LEDs in it that made it difficult to use until I painted the clear housing black.


I pulled one of these lights and moved it to the spot that had a duller light already on the silver arm.


The light is seriously bright so looks good in it’s new position, especially with the lights off.

Scroll Wheel

The inside is a little over elaborate but it would have been more difficult to simplify, so I added some grease to keep everything running smooth.


I think it will look good on screen, but the old mouse part of it could be a little more subdued. Maybe later on I’ll find a better enclosure to hide it but for the time being I’m calling it done.

Because I already had the mouse and base to use, the total for this project was .70 cents, so not bad!

Today I was going to blog about the other details of the Lucidity uniforms but I got distracted by this project till pretty much midnight so I have to put that on hold for another day.