While I was at Timegate Allen and I had the chance to play an interesting game.

Giant Monster Rampage is a game from Radioactive Press that lets you have city destroying battles against pretty much any two characters.

You can go giant vs giant like like Ultraman..

Or just really strong like Goku

Allen and I desided to give it a go and do the ultimate showdown: Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla!

My thinking is the only thing that’s cooler then Godzilla is a giant robot version of him. I was so confident I let him go first…

Don’t worry, it’s not as one ended as it looks…

But I wasn’t doing well in melee…

So I pulled back, time for some robotic lazer breath!

In our version of the game you could win by defeating the other monster or destroying more of the city, so it was in our best interest to use our surroundings as weapons.

but being in range is important.

After more fierce fighting Allen had decided he had enough with this metal poser.

We faced each other, and build up our ultimate attack beams.

The winner was clear.

The lesson… Don’t challenge the King Of All Monsters

Over all a really fun game! I wanted to get in contact with the creator of it, but had lost his information until I saw it written on the table in one of these pictures. If anyone from radioactive press ends up seeing this shoot me an email, we’d love to see you run this down in Orlando!