Guest post by Gabi.

So as I am recovering from a nice common cold that knocked me out for 24 hours Peter comes home and says there is a 100% chance of snow. I was like really? I had never before heard of a 100% certainty of snow. I looked it up on my fave complete weather site and sure enough it said One Hundred Percent.

So as he’s turning in from a very long night I wake up and learn more about the weather. Snow wasn’t coming until the afternoon. Around 12 I check and nothing. I check again at near 2 and snow is coming down in droves. I didn’t see it just fall like that even in the snowstorm of 1993 that dropped 2 ft. I grabbed my camera for a little vid to show Peter when he woke up.  It wasn’t sticking yet but forecast said 2 inches.

I go back inside and don’t come out again for 2 hours. It had kept falling at the same pace and there was already a half inch on the ground.

Go back inside again and came back after dark to find 5+ inches on the ground and it’s still coming down. I make a snowball and run inside to wake Peter with the awesome view outside. A little later we get dressed and open the garage to a rare winter wonderland.
Peter was totally thrilled at all the snow. He thought I had scraped up all the snow I could find to make the snowball when really it was ALL OVER.

We made snow angels.

And then a snowman. Which took forever cause the snow was so fresh and powdery. It was hard to get it to stick. Isn’t that scarf jaunty? Mr. Snowman is ready to walk the streets of Milan.

Peter had the presence of mind to get out the yard stick for posterity.

Took a couple more pics and I was freezing my buns off at this point despite two sweaters. But Peter was toasty laying down in the snow with his motorcycle suit on.

The next day I wanted to take Kya (Water Tribe Eskimo from Avatar The Last Airbender)out for pics since snow would be a great backdrop. Dude, the snow was so blinding, I could hardly keep my eyes open for pics. But we had fun.

TreeGabi 0
Tree totally got me with some snow on my head.

Sunset was lovely