Now that I’ve got enough free time to make post again I have to do that awkward thing of posting about old news.

Earlier this year I was flown out to GenCon 2013: the best four days of gaming!


I was there to work the Artemis Gaming Room so I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the con itself. I hope this pic helps show the size of it though.

This is just one section of one of the many HUGE areas at the con.


GenCon does exactly what it says on the tin, if you’re into gaming this is the place! The dealers room was a treasure trove of cool stuff.


The creators of Cards Against Humanity was there too.


They were long gone by the time I got around to looking though.


Video games did get some love, there as an arcade in the bowls of the show, but it was an admitted afterthought.


They had some pretty good guest, but I’m still shocked that the second fiddle guy form Eureka get’s a full page spread while Doctor freaking Who get’s a half page!?


Indianapolis was a great city, and the weather was perfect.


Some newly met friends and I went to HardRock for dinner one night and there was a large bike show happening just a little down the road.


Overall, it was fun show, and I’m looking forward to going again. There’s a pretty big cheviot on that though, I’m mostly looking forward to the next stage of the Artemis immersion booths.

It wasn’t the gaming that was the turn off, it was this.


They charge for EVERYTHING at this show. They have reasons for doing so, and I’m sure someone will comment here or on facebook why, but I don’t buy it.

Most cons do well without nickel and diming the guests every chance they get. But here you pay for a demo you would do for free elsewhere.

That being said though, if you are into gaming and are willing to spend a little more this is a good show, little light on costuming, but then again DragonCon is a little heavy.