Check it out

Gee I wonder what that cool new button on my bike faring does?

It sends a signal to this reciver, and it opens my garage door.

This is awesome for a number a reasons.

* It was cheap, only 20 bucks.

* It was made for motorcycles and water proofed, saving me having to solder lines into an exiting opener.

* Previously I had an opener in my pocket but I had to take it out to use it and that sucked when it was raining or snowing, now I can get in from a distance.

* The opener I have is a bit outdated, this new reviver uses a rolling code so it’s more secure.

* I mounted that button and light myself so I now officially have a custom motorcycle.

One of the reasons the Ninja is so popular is that it’s more suited for mods like this then the average bike. The next thing I want to add is a cigarette lighter so I can charge my GPS for long trips. That’s actually easier then this so it’s just a matter of getting around to it.