When I was looking at the old blog entries I noticed that my original post about the garage had an awful lot of overhead. The first picture you see is of the garage trashed and I go on for paragraphs about what it took to clean it.

This is all well and good but it takes away from actually showing off the new studio. I really should have made it two posts with the garage being seen in a more positive light, so I figured why not do that now?

garage 01

This section is built with a standard garage in mind. Notice the big carts in the corner, those pull out to give me access to rarely used tools and also lets us use the side door for storing the trash cans.

garage 08

This area was originally going to be my home gym, but as luck would have it I got a machine that’s bigger then can fit here (that’s a good thing)  I’m moving the treadmill and the weights to another room  so this frees up this entire area.

garage 03

I have such a great setup for my bike right next to the door. I was surprised how much easier it was to back it in rather then turning around on my way out. I have this entire area to park in, but it naturally wants to go closer to the wall then I expected, a perfect comfortable fit!

garage 04

And here’s what really brings a tear to my eye, my own green screen studio! What you are seeing below is unlit, but with a flash. I found the wood in the corer of the garage and decided to screw them together to make a floor, this separates this section nicely from he rest of the room.

When I get a chance I plan to raise that floor with 2×4’s so they will be flush with the trim. Once it’s painted it will allow full body chroma-keying.

garage 05

This bar also came with the garage. Gabi tells me it was part of their home in California and that means it’s been sitting unused clogging up the garage for 17 years!

The laptop is on a lazy Susan so it can turn all directions, the phone is on a dock because I have an amp I bought for guitar hero in the Cabinet below. This lets me jam to tunes while I work with the laptop there are not.

garage 06

Above the bar is my temp lighting system for the green screen.  I’m using two work lights and an overhead projector that use to be for win lose or draw at AFO. With the wax paper it makes a great keylight, but I don’t have good coverage on the screen itself.  Soon I hope to be able to get overhead florescence to take care of that.

garage 10

Here’s the green screen with the lighting rig on.  Imagine how good it will look when evenly lit!

garage 07

What I’ve shown you so far is with the car outside, the most awesome part of this is that when we’re not working on a project, we can keep our car clean and safe inside. This is the first time a car has been parked in the garage in at least 11 years, and it just makes me happy that we are able to do so. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve never had a garage before, and it’s been a dream of mine to park my car in one.

garage 09

It’s been a month since I’ve cleaned it and I’m still really happy with the results.  It’s great to have a way to care for our vehicles and to film things when I need to.
While I still don’t get a perfect pull on my green screen I did make a video that should be online on Friday. Once I get those lights it’s going to be ON and videos will be made hell or high water again.