I had a pretty busy day in Gainesville earlier this week. After doing CPR training, sight seeing, and donating I was so far north of the city I decided to stop by Fry’s Electronics.

I’ve been there a few times before but there wasn’t much gear to catch my eye this time, instead the most interesting things was in the small tabletop section.

There were a few things I knew about like Metal Gear Risk


But Sonic Monopoly?!


and Hobbit Scrabble?!


How do you even theme a game that uses random letters to make words, are some words not allowed?

The most interesting puzzle was this one of modern day new york.


You put all of the buildings in their right place and get a 3d model.


How cool is that? I would totally get one of these if I lived there to help learn my way around.

It’s weird to go into a big electronics store and only find paper products interesting. I guess the market for weird custom PCs is dead but I kinda expect a comeback eventually.

Believe it or not this isn’t even the last post of things I di that day, there was more more stop but that might be a while before I talk about it.