Novemblog continues with a visit to Gabi’s old high school we did way back in like April.  This is the commons area.

Her school is way better then mine ever was, I can see why she spent so much time there after hours.

This is the records board. For the three years she was on the track team she held the county record for discus. Looks like it was three years after she graduated her teammate caught her.

We looked at a lot of stuff all over the school, I was most impressed with the video class.

I especially liked the grid they have on the ceiling, I almost built one of these on my set.

In the end I decided that modular isn’t really for me, I need bright even lighting all the time so I don’t have to mess with it before I can get to filming.

It’s still impressive though, once I get more comfortable with filming I may build one after all.


Gabi’s Note: 

I really did love high school. It had ups and downs like any teenage time does. But I had a hell of a good time with some good people. There was a lot to do and always someone to do it with. Band was rewarding with all there was to memorize and watch come together. Basketball was a challenge with the less then friendly girls. Track was fun and games and a really nice break from everything. Chorus was romantic and a thrill to be part of. Drama was the beginnings of what would be my costume hobby.  FCY taught me that people could be nice just cause they were. I got to travel a lot and I had some really good teachers in there too.

32 yr old me thanks my school for making 18 yr old me.