After Gabi and I got back from Thanksgiving with my folks I decided to take a break from the blog. But I’m back, and have a few posts ready for you.

After dressing up and having such a good time with Harry Potter 7 I wanted to make sure my dad and Gabi had a chance to work together with his new lathe. Years ago Gab hand made some wands for us with a drimmel, and I knew with the right tools she could do even better.

My dad let Gab have access to the his collection of high quality wood

And showed her how to use the machine.

Dad did do a lot of the detail work, but he let Gabi try on her own.

He also worked with me the next day and we made three pretty kickass models

All three of these are fantastic, something olivander would be proud of. the bottom one is light weight pine, but the upper two are super high quality with real heft to them.

Soon Gabi will engrave them with more patterns, and when HP7.2 comes out we’ll be ready.

If you like these you can always commission one of your own btw, he’ll give you a good deal.