Gabi here. I got all excited about this so Peter wanted me to write a guest blog about it.

You know we all have items we constantly pine for. It’s there in the back of your mind that if you ever get the chance to acquire it you will hop on it. Well I’m kind of of a cheap date when it comes to that.

I don’t desire a special Gucci purse, a special edition car with custom paint, or even bragging rights to say I cruise on my boat every summer. I have my own mini holy grail of items. The Sailor Moon Disguise Pen.

Disguise pen in anime

This rare item debuted back in 1992. It was posted on the Canadian Irwin site as a poster with all of their items. Some of them didn’t even appear to be released and were just on there to look good as prototypes. I wish I still had the image but that was about 4 computers ago.

I’m pretty sure that in North America only Canada had them. So you had to know some Canadians or hit up one of those (at the time) new fangled websites that sold them. Moon Kingdom Products was where I got a couple wands I just could not locate here in the US. An aside: that site hasn’t changed in the 10 years since I bought from them. Even then the pen was super rare.

Canada had such a large run of items because, at the time, Sailor Moon dominated children’s time slots. In the US it only got at run around 6AM. Thus we got less toys.

Enter this pen. I was cruising dA and a picture of someone’s Sailor Moon collection came up. That’s typical. People show off their series collections all the time. But this one said anything you see that you want, name a price.

They were getting rid of their things. Well I hopped on that one cause in the corner I saw a tiny box which was the pen I had been looking out for 12 yrs. She said she didn’t care about the price just as long as she got something.

Monday the pen arrived in box and with battery.

I’m impressed with the packaging. The little white length of ribbon is adorable and official looking.It still lights up and the bottom actually writes.

Here is one of it lighting up. You hold the pen handle down to complete the circuit.

The only thing it doesn’t do is actually disguise me. Cosplay would be a heck of a lot simpler, and getting dressed for the day would be quicker.