Gabi and I were out looking for props the other day and came across a few strange things. The title of today’s post is a little misleading, we went to the Goodwill and Value Village, and Big Lots

Starting with Big Lots take a look at this cool cabinet.

If you painted that blue and frosted the windows you would totally get a Tardis!

At goodwill we saw a lot of vintage equipment. It’s actually kinda rare to see this kind of cool stuff out on the shelves.

Then, we found… this.

oh make a wish? that sounds harmless, does it run on AA batteries?
no it runs on souls!

I mean look at this thing, oh my god this was sold to children?

I’m SO glad it never opened its eyes. Not only did I expect it to, I kinda still do.. like this picture will just start talking to me.

Does anyone know what this is even from?

Whatever it is don’t feed it after midnight!