Over the last two weeks I’ve been tuning up my computer.

Gabi grabbed this pic for me while I was breaking it down and re-wiring it for the 3rd time since I moved here. I’ve actually been working on this machine for about 20 years (seriously) but this is the first time It’s really come together the way I’ve always wanted it to.

The reason I’ve broken it down is because I’m integrating new parts and running cables under the floor to the entertainment center in the living room. For the first time I’ve been able to hide almost every wire for the entire machine while integrating the two computers that compose it.

The only analogy that works is that is very much like building a car from the ground up. You wouldn’t consider the doors or the wheels to be a separate machine, so why should I with a monitor or cable modem?

When I’m done, (and I almost am) this machine will be better built and have more features then anything I could buy anywhere. Sure, some places might have faster computers, but it’s not the processor power I’m talking about. It’s about total integration of function and style, it’s about tweaking every aspect of a device to be custom until it’s exactly what I want.

To think that I’ve almost achieved that is very exciting.