When Gabi and I moved here we had to bring the old broken car with us.

This wasn’t a big deal except it would be one of the only things we would ever fight with the in-laws about. We would want to sell it off and they would want to keep it no matter how much work was involved in doing so. We had to keep it in the front lawn with the mistaken idea that it could be easily repaired.

Well we finally got a citation for having it in the yard untagged. The in-laws still insisted on keeping it, and after a few days of cleaning out a large section of the basement so I didn’t have to put it in my precious garage, they suddenly decided to have it towed away and most likely sold!

that picture right there, it’s like a dream. goodbye old car, you were good for 13 years and sucked ass for 3 more.

Now I just have to decide what to do with all the space we just cleared out in the basement, I think moving my gym is in order…