Yesterday I spoke about watching The Best of Both Worlds on the big screen and how the presentation had a lot to be desired.


We saw it at the fork and screen, a restaurant / movie theater.


The promise was of super comfortable chairs and an adult social experience but in practice…


This really was the view I had of the movie, the screen had interference lines, that dude’s head was right in my way, – and I’m not kidding here – I had a super UNcomfortable chair.

I know this is the case because Gabi was kind enough to switch places with me.


What a difference 3 feet makes! The view was better, the chair was softer and it was 75% better all around. And to think I got there hours early just to find a good spot.. oi!

In the end, the movie was watchable but the fuzzy screen was just to much to be satisfied with. I explained this to the management and they pretty much agreed with me, giving me two free passes to try again.

So I’ll be heading back sometime soon, maybe to see Iron Man. If that works out better I’ll make a more positive post.