Over the weekend Gabi and I went over to Chris and Angie’s to have a spar-b-que (only good for you eats till dragoncon)

While we were there, another spartan named bill brought over the 300 board game. It was 4 players but two of us had to be Persians.


I make pretty good Xerxes, don’t you think?

the Spartans put on a good fight, but in the end we won out. Carlos didn’t like playing as a Persian, but I thought it was fun.


I enjoyed fulfilling the word of god (me) and crushing the cursed Spartans! Ephialites showing us that goat path was just a bonus, we would have won regardless…

after at, I would gladly kill half my own men for victory, it was a sure thing!

we won at the hot gates, I expect the same at Plataea!