UPDATE: Dec 30th 2010

I started my blog in 2007 and at the end of that year made a post looking back over the year and sharing stories I had posted.

This was pretty important at the time because this blog was on myspace and didn’t have any kind of reference or search feature, and I have since made it a tradition using that format. But in 2008, still being new to blogging, I tired something different the next year and posted pictures from all over the year into one post… and I’ve pretty much regretted it ever since.

Not only was it ugly, but it was referencing things from photobucket and one of the goals of this site it so archive this stuff way into to future where photobucket may no longer exist.

I’ve ignored the problem for years but as I was writing the 2010 post I decided to re-upload all the images into one gallery. This breaks one of my personal rules of not doing major changes to an old post, not uploading the same picture twice, and not using the same picture on two separate posts, but it was the best way I could think of to preserve the original idea of the post and still have it usable in the future.

This is mostly a success, but The gallery only allows so many pics and I had over 130. I’ve eliminated all the school projects and videos, (these can be found here in much more detail anyway)

Clicking on any of these images will bring up a bigger version of it. You can ask me in the comments, or you can ask me and I’ll tell you a little more about why it’s here.