After the hitch, dragging it out, stripping it down, getting new wheels, and lighting it up the trailer is was finally ready to paint and get on the road.

The trailer’s frame was in good shape, but the bottom needed replacing. I measured it out and got one made of wood at the home depot.

After bolting that into place and sanding down the trailer with the wire brush attachment on the ginder it was Gabi’s turn to shine with some painting.

We used Rustoleum gloss black and it makes everything water tight! I was surprised at how good it sealed things so rust shouldn’t be a problem again for a while.

After a few days to cure and some new chains it was finally done, I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty damn good.

These pictures were taken while I was waiting for the police to come and inspect it. He was impressed, the only thing I needed to do was attach the new VIN number I got from the DMV with rivets instead of screws and I was good to go.

I picked up the Tag later that day and since then we’ve used it for all manner of work, even driving in heavy rain with gear it stayed dry when we attached a tarp to the hard points on the side.

Gabi and I are both really happy with it and the neighbors were super impressed, they seriously thought we gave up and bought a new one when the orange one disappeared from our front lawn.

Eventually We want to make a top for it and add reflective tape to the groves on the side. I like this idea because it matches the car then.

Of course when I do that I’ll let you know.