This next part didn’t take a lot of work from me, but it’s cool and kinda important if I want to tow stuff.

Pretty much no matter what car you have it’s possible to attach a hitch to it. I found a site online where I could have ordered and installed it myself but I decided my own skills weren’t safe enough to trust it to 2000lbs so I had the local UHual to do it for me.

I’m glad I had them do it because I got the bar, the hitch, the ball, and even the lighting rig all done for a fairly low price and now I know it’s not going to fall off when I’m on the interstate!

As a bonus this particular kit is the hidden design, so when we stow it you can’t even tell we have this feature.

Not only will this rig work for our trailer but we can pull anything now and that’s an advantage most cars don’t have.

I have a feeling this feature will come in handy some day.