After installing the hitch and pulling the trailer up to the driveway the next logical step is to pull the wheels off for replacement. The axle is in good shape, but the rims and lugnuts were terribly rusted.

The rubber kept getting in the way so I tried cutting it off. I got it all the way down but I couldn’t get the last quarter of an inch so this pretty much wasted an hour of my time.

One of the rims had a hole rusted in it so I ended up jamming a screw driver into it to hold the rim steady. After that I picked up some impact sockets hammered them into place and muscled them off. It worked so well I drilled a hole into the other rim to do the same.

It may not look it, but this is huge progress it took me a day and a half to get the damn things off!

Next up is to get new wheels, do some rust removal with a wire brush attachment on a grinder, paint, get lights, and register it.

It’s hard work, but it moves pretty quick. If I can get the cash for the wheels I could get it done by this Friday.

I’ll of course let you know about every exciting moment!