Gabi and I have been doing a lot of freelance work lately. Pretty much every weekend we work with the guys at Showtime Entertainment to run their equipment at live events. Often it’s the photobooth but more and more it’s DJ gear, entire backyard movie rigs, and of course Game Show Hosting.

We’ve been driving the car to their office then taking the company van to the gigs. This is becoming a problem as we do different kinds of jobs on consecutive days often times the equipment requires less room then the van and more room then the car can handle.

In other words we kinda need a pickup truck if we want to keep working.

We LOVE our mustang, it’s been a good friend to us and super reliable… not to mention it’s paid off! The solution? Get the trailer in the back yard up to snuff carry the gear strait to the gig ourselves.

First thing is to get to it in the first place, it’s the small orange square can you see it?

I spent about two hours with the hacksaw and the lawn mower and cut down a huge chunk of the back yard so that I had room to maneuver the car in both directions.

The two pictures above were taken from pretty much the same spot.

I had to rip that table out from the weeds and move it to the other side for the car to fit. In other words that was a lot of work to get that area all cleared out, it really was as jungle as it looks.

I just got a trailer hitch installed on the car, so once I got it back there it was pretty easy to muscle it into place then horsepower it up the hill.

Obviously the tires and rims need replacing as well as a cleaning and minor refurbishment but I find that pretty exciting. The Trailer is all metal and still in pretty good shape.

Best part is it’s light enough to be lifted and moved by hand so it won’t be difficult to get access to any part of it so we should be able to get it looking really spiffy.

This is called part one because I plan to go through each phase with you. Once it’s painted and fixed up it’s going to be beautifully retro.

What do you think is it cool?