After I had installed the new light I went on to do a few more fixes around the house, mostly to do with plumbing.

The garbage disposal has been broken since we got here and the second sink in the kitchen was unusable this whole time. It took some work to “wire up” to two drains because I couldn’t find the right angle pipe I needed even though I went to two different stores to get it.

Still, what you see here is water tight and works great, you can’t really ask for more then that.

Also waiting for us years before we got here was two brand new toilets in their boxes. With all the other rooms being clean it was time to finally live the dream!

Ok, I’m kidding, but you have to admit that’s a great picture. I installed it in the master bathroom

And the next day the one in the hallway.

We barely use the master bath because it’s the very last room in the house to still be packed with stuff. (like two new toilets) But we’re close to having all of that garbage gone and the hot water FINALLY turned on.

It’s my goal to have the house presentable for guests by Dragoncon weekend and things have gone much better then expected. At this rate we’ll be 100% months early.

by the way, anyone know how to dispose of the old ones?