Anyone who follows my twitter feed will know I’m trying to drop some pounds.

Originally the idea was to get #FitByMoMo because I wanted to look good during Win Nostalgia Critic’s Money.

I started 6 weeks before the show and managed to drop about 20 pounds so I should be pretty happy, but to be honest I’m not really seeing it in these side by side pics.

Wacko weight 53114

I wasn’t going to post this at all until Gabi encouraged me to. There is progress here even if it’s not enough for me to be happy with it, so it’s worth sharing.

On the upside the clock is reset and it’s now time to be #fitByGencon I’m hoping I can hit my goal of 199 by then.

I’ve added weight training this week and it’s worked before so I’m pretty confident I can do it.

In fact it’s just about time to head off to the office gym… wish me luck.