I originally wrote this for the AFO Staff memeber mailing list, but it seems fitting I post it here too.

On May 14th we will be 3 months from AFO and I am going to start a new workout and diet routine. My plan is to be noticeably more fit then I was at megacon. Technically ,this is for Dragon and the Spartan costume, but why not aim for the more important event?

Anyway, since I am doing this I thought I would toss it out there and recommend you do it to. You don’t have to work out for 2 hours a day and watch every calorie to get good results. If you follow a good diet (I can help you with that) and do some cardio every other day, you can easily lose 30 pounds by the con.

I can picture all of us thinner, healthier, and with more energy for the entire weekend. I can see a new trend of fitness in our geek culture, and in America in general (don’t laugh, I’m serious) It just needs a little push, and it won’t happen at all unless I share that vision with you.

No pressure, no guilt trip, don’t feel obligated to do anything. However, if you want to try to do this, it’s easier with friends encouraging you, and having someone else going along the journey to inspire you. So what do you say?

If you interested in trying to get fit just reply back, if not that’s ok too, just tossing it out there.