bender painting

I’m not much of a traditional artists, in fact I’m pretty much bad at anything without a mouse.  However, early in my college carrier, I was required to give it a shot. Most of that work isn’t worth showing, but I did have a knack at acrylic painting.  As you can see, the results show promise.


For Bender, the first thing I did was get in the artist mood. I put on my red beret and it was such a nice day outside I set up a little painters corner on the patio.


My thinking was that it might give me some inspiration to start my painting.


It helped, so I made up my mind and starting mixing my paint.


and got to work on my masterpiece


I’m misleading you on the idea that I thought it up on the fly, you can actually see the sketch pad in the background


I think most people who read this will agree that robots are always a good choice.

I went to class later that day to work on it more. I think its fitting that my artists beret is a military one, that totally nails my whole artist style.


If you don’t recognize the other picture at the top, it’s my buddy, Erik’s, original comic book character Dynamax.


Erik likes to get his favorite comic book artist to draw their own versions of his character, and I thought it was the perfect choice for my next attempt. The above is my take, at least at my current skill level, and I think it’s pretty good. I ended up trying again digitally, and I’m much happier with that.

When I went to class for the critique, I couldn’t decide which painting I liked better so I put them both up for review. Since bender is better known he got more positive feedback, but overall everyone was impressed with both paintings.  This secured my first 100% grade for that class!

You don’t understand how ecstatic that makes me, it was driving me insane that I wasn’t getting the grades I wanted. I had to get at least one 100 before the end of the class or die trying.

Luckily I survived.