It took me a few days to get around to it, but the new big damn game show engine is complete.

The screen shot above is the flowchart view of adobe encore. The new engine looks and functions exactly like the one I made last year, but I had to redo it because I no longer have access to the mac based DVD studio pro.

I’m glad I was forced to switch because encore seems to be a slightly better dvd authorizing software and this forced me to learn it. Not only will this work with all other adobe products both mac and pc, but it will also let me output as a flash website.

The possibilities for that are interesting, so I expect to be using it to make interfaces soon.

In the previous post about this I talked about getting my footage off youtube and therefore being able to have the hottest new shows to base the game on. However, I did finally take the time to do a gag on an old show I’ve had in mind for a while now.

If you’ve ever heard me rant about how awesome that horse is you’ll understand. For those of you that don’t, THAT HORSE IS FRICKING AWESOME!