After I made the War! AMV, I was pretty happy with myself. It didn’t take me long to look for another project to try to sharpen my skills. On one of my trips home to from the Air Force, I feel in love with the Metallica album my mom got me called S&M. At that point, it was only a matter of finding the right anime to make my video to, because I HAD to do something with this song!
Final Fantasy 8 was the hottest game at the time because it featured such a deep story and had the most realistic computer generated love interest to date. The dancing scene was pretty well known at the time and I felt that the two of them would go together well, turns out I was right.

I got this footage in an interesting way. Instead of ripping the video form the game, I bought the PC version and grabbed the encrypted video files from that. Thanks to a codec converter I found online I was able to output them in a way adobe preemie would understand. This gave me every frame to play with for less then 500 megs, nice!

With War! I had made a video that I thought was perfect, but I found a lot of people didn’t care for it. I started to understand that people didn’t care how much work you put into something, they expect it to work, it’s a given to them. The only thing they really care about is does it entertain them. I made this video with that in mind, and it went over a lot better.

I entered it into a few competitions and won most of them. Still though, I didn’t win a key contest at AWA and I was devastated. At the time, I was screaming bloody murder and stormed out of the room. I felt that the only reason I lost was because the voting system allowed for to much favoritism, so people just voted for their buddies. That;s how I use to think, but I don’t anymore. Now I can tell you three things I learned from the experience.


While a vote based on public opinion may not be fair, it is far from political. If you want to win in a contest like that it’s a matter of actually getting yourself out there and getting all of your friends to vote. Now that I know this I can at least try to put it to my advantage.

For example I knew the iMan video wasn’t going to win because I didn’t have 1000 friends I could talk into voting, like some people clearly did. But I was really sure Chris would win the sharpie contest because of all the blog advertising he did. I still think his was the best, but I guarantee the 4 runners up disagree, but didn’t do a big push for voting.


Not everyone is going to like what you do. I know that sounds simple, but I really thought my video was the best and should win. Others didn’t think so and for a long time I thought that made them wrong. It doesn’t

I still think my video should have won over Pat Benetar and gundam fucking wing, but the rest of the voters did not, and that’s a fact that was hard to accept then, but easy to take on just about anything else I do, and that makes losing worth it.


Winning or losing make absolutely no difference in most things in life. I don’t mean in the after school special “as long as you fun” way, I mean universally, almost all contests are meaningless , and are pretty much just an excuse to show your work or to give you a reason to play the game.

You’ll notice that all of the gameshows I run are based on this principle and, I think most of my fans would agree it’s a great way to go. It’s all about the game, and very little attention should be paid to the winner. Who won the super bowl two years ago? Who cares? It was watching the game that you remember.

I’m sure most of you already knew about the view points I have on these subjects, but I doubt most of you had any idea I learned it from making music videos.

This was fun to get these thoughts out here like this. I may do another series in the future about what Gameshow hosting has done to make my view on human nature what it is. Taking about that aspect seemed pretty popular at the final RPG panel at AFO, we’ll see.

There’s one more important lesson, and one more video to show so I’ll let it wait for next time. It’s unlike me to make post so long winded, I promise reign it in a little next time.