With the filming of the first episode of Lucidity only a week away Trey has been kind enough to come by and help out with a lot of last minute details.


The first thing we took care of was applying new spaceship graphics to every surface we could think of.


If some of these graphics look familiar to you, they should, they’re from Star Trek The Motion Picture.

Megan found this Peel-Off Graphics book in a used store and she was right to get it for me, it’s so cool!


This book is amazing, it has all kinds of stuff in it you wouldn’t expect in a tie-in book.

It’s got a few pages of star trek specific things.


And then a whole bunch of more generic information, perfect for turning a 1979 kids room into a space ship…

….or to make a 2013 basement look even better.


Notice the lack of federation logos, I had to modify very little to bring it into my universe.


Some of you may be asking how I could tear pages out of a piece of memorabilia and I did hesitate myself before I realized three things.

1. This book is not rare.

2. The stickers were still better then what I could manufacture myself, so it’s a great and inexpensive way to raise production value.

3. This is why the book was made, for literally this specific purpose.


As a graphic designer myself I can really appreciate the work put into this book. Lee Cole really understood what people would want from it, and I have to tip my hat to her.

I’d love to tell her this myself and let her know what we’re using it for, so if anyone out there can hook me up with contact info please let me know!