I’ve been multitasking for hours and it’s hard to wind down to get to sleep, so I think I’ll post my blog before bed. I just got done pulling an all nighter getting Evil Jeopardy finished.

The reason I stopped doing jeopardy in the first place is because it’s a lot of code to write to get it to work and redoing ALL the questions every year is pretty daunting. This is the first time since AFO 2 that evey thing is new, that’s a full set of 61 new questions and total of about 40 man hours to write, edit, and input them in.

I have to admit that it is satisfying (and gabi can attest frustrating) to do it. This is the rare time of year when my computer is working at 100% of it’s capability. I had to buy a pci video card so I could get the third monitor to output what it will look like for the show. That’s almost 5 feet of desktop space, not just there to say I have it, but actually needed to give my shows the polish they deserve.

Here’s an actual screen shot to give you another perspective of it.

I know some answers are on these screens, but if someone is playing AND reading my blog, more power to them.

When I get up in the after noon it’s another all nighter to get Weakest Geek ready. Writing this blog and posting in forums has increased my HTML knowledge to the point that for the first time since I made these engines in 2001 I’m looking at the html code the system automatically wrote for me, oi it’s ugly and bloated!

I re-did and cut out all the fat from all of jeopardy code using notepad, but I don’t want to give Geek the same treatment, once I start school I’ll really know how to do this stuff and will most likely start from scratch for next year.
AFO is almost here, and I’m ready for it, bring it on.