Where to begin? This story was originally conceived in 1997 while I was still in the Air Force. It is the first creative endeavor I ever took seriously. Because of this project I have lost friends, gone mad, and hit rock bottom… don’t worry I got better

This project is a contraction because there is almost zero chance that it will ever happen, but at the same time it simply refuses to die. Of all the things I work on, this is the one that is clearest to me. I know all of these characters backwards and forwards, I even created a promo for them during my college motion graphics class.

I say it will never happen because the show is based on another intellectual property, but the characters and story are my own and someday I’ll find a premise that they will fit into, and who knows this page maybe valuable to my millions of fans.

I have pages and pages of back-story, diagrams, and technology details. Far too much to put on one post, and too personal to share without massive revisions. What I’ve decided to do is post an episode breakdown I did almost 10 years ago. My 20 year old self is screaming at me for sharing this, but I’ve deiced it’s time. The full series is never going to happen and I’d rather it be seen this way then not at all.

If you like this one, you should really say so. I have a lot of graphic work for this project so I’ll eventually post that too.

Episode 1:
Collin, the Second Branch commander, is on his way to accept responsibility of the S2 organ onboard the USS Over the Rainbow with Joe and Marla. They crash-land at Stone Mountain on the way there, and Things get messy when a group calling themselves the Seashore attacks in a ploy to steal Collins identity to take S2 for them selves. Collin’s quick thinking is not enough and only with the help of a castaway child named Kyle are they stopped. Marla is discovered working for them and defects to the Seashore. Kyle and his father Wheldon are rescued and brought back to base.

Episode 2:
While Col Davis is at sea to get the S2 organ. Cyrus is back on base prepping things for the organ’s arrival and tracking down a discrepancy in the magi computer. His investigation leads him to discover a signal being spliced into the system by the Seashore. Cyrus discovers who’s responsible for it and a car chase ensues. Collin arrives with the organ and Cyrus sees Wheldon for the fist time in 15 years.

Episode 3:
The S2 organ is placed in an underground lab. A signal is detected in the desert that doesn’t match any known type. Trying to find the truth about the Seashore but wanting to keep their existence a secret, Collin and Cyrus go to Old Vegas alone. Molly and Kyle tag along not knowing the danger. Our Hero’s infiltrate a Seashore base, but the satellite scans were wrong and they are outnumbered. The signal was a trap and their goal appears to be to capture Cyrus and Collin. They fail but Cyrus’s car; the only thing left of his past is destroyed. Collin finds one of the men still alive and take him back to base.

Episode 4:
The Seashore prisoner is interrogated, and lets slip that the ‘terrorist Malcolm’ is actually an enemy to the Seashore. The SB group investigates, and finds that Malcolm’s path follows Cyrus’s a little to close for comfort. Cyrus must decide if he will tell the man the answers he seeks, or silence him permanently.

Episode 5:
A simulation of the inputs the S2 organ will apply to Eva 04 is introduced to the unit. It goes berserker and wreaks havoc. Tyler Swan, chief of opps, takes a heavy-handed approach to stopping it and is relieved by Cyrus. A dummy plug is discovered installed in 04, and it’s put in cold storage for the time being. Meanwhile Lt Mappy reports as ordered.

Episode 6:
Cyrus syncs with the magi system to think about current events. The crew fixes Cyrus’ car, and he takes it for a spin in the desert, stumbling upon a band of traveling refugees and are captured by them. Meanwhile, Tyler is required to take some time off, and has an adventure of his own at the virtual eden.

Episode 7.
Molly and Cyrus are held captive at the refugee camp; Collin must track them down while keeping it all quiet. They find that the SB infiltration by Seashore is higher up then they imagined.

Episode 8:
Cyrus and Collin confront one of their own fighter pilots named Joesaia who denies being a Seashore operative. Much of the pilots past is brought to light as Tyler puts the screws on him. Panicked, He kidnaps Kyle and goes AWOL. Kyle is unharmed, but Joe escapes. The SB find out to late that Joe’s big secret was not that he worked with SS but something much different. Having no other choice, Joe joins the SS after all.

Episode 9:
Cyrus, Kyle, and Wheldon return to Stone Mountain to honor Wheldon’s wife, heather. Lots of flashbacks to her, and their life there take place. Including Kyle playing with a much-to-real imaginary friend, and the possibility that Wheldon killed his wife.

Episode 10
During maintenance on the base, Mappy accidentally starts up SKINNER, the original system A.I. owned by the air force. The SB Magi begin to act strangely. The problem gets progressively worse until it locks everything down and takes control of ‘nellis’ air base. Mappy and Cyrus must talk the branch back into behaving; this proves difficult because SKINNER does not trust Cyrus. Its reviled that Cyrus may not be the military man he claims. Mappy must also face up to making a mistake. Something he does not like to do, and is the reason he is always in trouble.

Episode 11
Joe returns to the branch, and he is not alone. He has Jet Alone with him. Having no choice, the second branch deploys the Evangelion unit 04 for the first time using Kyle as pilot.

Episode 12:
Collin must meet with SEELE about the JA attack. They are very upset with the choices the SB made, but also don’t deny that they made correct ones. Unit 04 is back in storage, Cyrus wants answers and runs test to find a human in the dummy plug. Kyle must deal with being the zero child.

Episode 13:
Cyrus syncs with the second branch Magi supercomputers, just as an angel attacks Magi 01 at Tokyo 3. This gives Cyrus the opportunity to talk directly with an angel. The rest of the base must deal with the possibility of having to kill Cyrus to protect the base. More things are revealed about Cyrus’s past and his relationship with Wheldon.

Episode 14:
SEELE reviews the SB situation. Kaworu is freed from the dummy system.

Episode 15:
Kaworu is locked away by Cyrus, and won’t speak. The first stage of S2 installation is tried and completed successfully. Molly is kidnapped and questioned. Not by the suspected Seashore but by SEELE themselves. Cyrus is gung-ho about getting her back, but Colin must forcibly stop him.

Episode 16:
Molly dreams that the second impact never happened. All the branch members act like other characters in this world. The dreams begin to make her think she has finally gone insane. That is until she discovers that she is still held captive by SEELE. Realizing that she knows nothing, they free her.

Episode 17:
Pressured by SEELE, Collin takes Kyle to the first branch for official testing; Molly and Mappy go with him. Kyle meets some children his age for the first time, and finds that there is something wrong with the children of 2015. He discovers that living Second Impact free was a blessing.
On the base, the second stage of the S2 organ implantation is complete. No problems. Karwou is set free from his cell.

Episode 18:
Cyrus goes to the cell to talk with Kaworu who is not there. Members of the second branch/Seashore capture him. Tyler is revealed to be the SS leader, Lord Beach. They complete the third stage of the S2 organ implementation on their own. The organ is operational and no problems are reported. Cyrus escapes from them, and begins a one-man fight to the unit staging area killing anyone in his way. It ends with Wheldon and Kaworu on a catwalk in front of the unit beginning a ceremony that will destroy the branch. (Part of this episode forces the Eva to become like final production grade)

Episode 19:
Mappy hangs out with his old friends at first branch and realizes that he’s grown up a little when he doesn’t pull a foolish prank with them. Collin meets with First Branch commander and some other contracts to and has a bad feeling all day. He tries to contact the Second branch and gets the runaround.
Cyrus fights his way to the Evengellion staging catwalk, and fights Wheldon hand to hand. Several secrets are revealed, and Cyrus fails his mission. He is shot in the chest and thrown over the catwalk to the oxygenated LCD fluid below. The Seashore ceremony goes as planned, and the Second Branch is destroyed.

Episode 20:
Collin and the others at FB find out about the destruction of their base and head back. SEELE talks about what may have happened, and if it could have anything to do with the possibility of Cain. NERV and the First branch will give no assistance in investigating the incident and tell them to return to FB for orders. Malcolm returns with reinforcements for them.

Episode 21:
The Second branch is gone. No one will return Collins calls. Molly, Mappy, and the others hatch a foolish and semi-dangerous plan to get the branch back from the sea of durock in which it is trapped. They try it and almost rip a whole in reality. Inside the sea, buried in LCL, Cyrus is still alive. Inside his mind, He deals with his failure, and his life is on review by Kaoru. He is shown how insignificant his fight is on several levels but decides to fight on anyway. He reappears in the desert, wet, tired and starving. He starts walking. Another shape appears in the desert, he does not seem friendly.

Episode 22
Collin goes out on his own to track down a signal. He finds Cyrus by himself in the desert, suffering from exposure, and rushes him back to the makeshift base.
The status of Cyrus is stable, but he does not wake up. Collin decides to tell Kyle, Malcolm, and molly all that he knows about Cyrus and the quest he is on, How he got involved, and why he has a personal hatred for Gendo Rotobungi. Most of this episode is in flashback from pre-second impact showing Cyrus as a college student, to when he began impersonating an air force lieutenant, and finally in the frist few years of after impact.
Cyrus wakes up at the end, calmer with a new desperate plan to save mankind.

Episode 23
With Cyrus freed, he is able to work on trying to free the Branch from the sea. Molly travels back to the First branch and meets Dr. Enoch. They hit it off, but the relationship makes her deal with her feelings for Cyrus. Kyle deals with the loss of both father and mother. Mappy changes colors from FB to SB in order to leave his animosity behind. Cyrus discovers that the sea existed before the explosion and something else escaped when Cyrus was let out. He tracks a possible blue blood signal back to the east coast. Back at the FB, Molly and Enoch kiss.

Episode 24
Collin and Malcolm go to ‘visit’ the SEELE member in America to ‘request’ that he tell them what could have been inside the sea. Cyrus tries to reach Molly and the FB tells him that she has been by herself all day. Realizing this can’t possibly be the case, and making the connection with the path the ‘other’ would have taken. He calls Collin and tells him to meet him at FB.
Molly feels guilty, and tells Enoch that there is another man in her life. Once Enoch learns that the cute and caring act isn’t going to work, he starts becoming violent. Collin shows up and Enoch is revealed to be the son of Cain. He beats the crap out of everyone, kills Malcolm outright, and puts the survival of everyone in question. He steals molly, and heads to the Second Branch. With the SEELE planned 3rd impact only days away, our hero’s must choose witch apocalypse to stop, and which one to allow.

Second Branch: Sin and Salvation:
Enoch, son of Cain returns to the Branch and lets his father lose. Cyrus and Co work to delay him until they can pull their own card and free Unit 04, now with the soul of Wheldon inside and the Kyle as pilot. The two monsters fight, with Cain winning. This turns out to be futile because the real apocalypse happens thanks to SEELE.

Cain is destroyed in this, along with all of mankind. And this puts Cyrus’s final cogency plan into action. Kyle finds himself at the right place and the right time to talk to shinji and convince him that this is not a bad life. This act of kindness separates rei and lets anyone who wants to return and rebuilt the earth.

This final act done, Cyrus is able to rest for the first time. Molly and Cyrus find themselves on Stone Mountain. Cyrus wonders if he failed, and Molly tells him no. He tried and that’s all that anyone can ever do. The final shot is of people coming out of the ocean. Its over. Man will continue to be man, but only if they choose to. And with these chosen a new civilization can start. Cyrus and Molly kiss.