I’ve always been a person that thinks to each their own.

I have literally never cared if someone was into dudes or chicks or both, it makes no difference to me.

There’s a big decision going on in Washington right now about if Gay marriage should be legal, a decision not unlike the one that lets me be with my wife today.

They are not close to a decision but a lot of people wanted to show support by changing their online avatar to support someone’s right to love.


Up until yesterday I thought it was kinda pointless, people know I support it and joining a fad wont change anyone’s mind.

But after the funeral I’ve realized that those against it are not the only one that needs to know of my support.

It’s hard to be seen as different, even if fundamentally you’re not, and sometimes you just have to be told it’s ok. You’re not alone.


I’ve joined in because it’s my hope that those who think things are good the way they are can be reminded they’re in the minority, while people who want to be treated fairly are reminded that not everyone is against them.

Like I said I’ve never been against peoples ability to do what they want, but the last 24 hours have shown me I have not done enough to make that message clear.

Not just for LGBT rights, but in anyone’s ability to do what they want without being judged, objectified, or persecuted by a non-existent expectation.

That doesn’t mean jumping into comments or trying to change someones mind, they can do what they want too. But… just an overall improvement of saying what I believe.

I’m still processing everything, so I don’t know how I can help, but I’m going to try to be better.