I came across this the other day and was simply blown away by it. I could comment on this all day, but I think I’ll limit it to declaring the victor… it’s my blog I can do that!

Lennon had the better rhymes but Bill O’Reilly wanted it more. He let John have his say but then ended it strong and walked away if he had a mic, he would have dropped it.

Winner: Bill O’Reilly

It took a few viewings to realize this was a version of Darth Vader literally from a long time ago. So his claiming that he invented it makes since now. Still, it comes off as weak to steal Hitlers credit for evil and even with his use of the force his rhymes were not as strong. Hitler had it from the start and never lost control. And seriously “little known fact, also DOPE ON THE MIC” is going to crack both Gabi and I up for a long while.

Winner: Adolf Hitler

Chuck Norris starts weak and Abe is of course always great… but then I watched it again and realized what was really going on. Chuck LETS Abe have the first round, he does this with all the calmness of a true master. It is only After Lincoln makes it physical that Chuck brings up his power level and ends it, soundly. The depiction of Chuck here is truly inspired, I would have screwed this one up had I tried it.

Winner: Chuck Norris before the song even starts

I didn’t like this one very much, I find both of them to be lacking. Gaga goes to annoyingly high brow for this. Meanwhile Sarah puts her in her place at the very idea she’d be scared and kills a moose while she’s at it.

Winner: Sarah Palin

Oh man, this one looks like it’s going to go one way, it looks pretty one sided until the very end. I don’t even want to ruin it. Even though the rhymes are weak, the fact that it happesn the way it does makes it truly epic.

Winner: Hulk Hogan on behalf of the entire World Wrestling Federation! OH YEA!

Just so you know, these are done by a guy named Nice Peter, and he says he will release a new one every month.

I’m hoping for Capitan Picard vs King Leonidas