Look what I found while going through my old files!

That’s the very first second of 2007, what a great way to start this!

I sat down to create a list of 2007 events, but it turns out my buddy Mappyman already made a good template. thanks map!


-Finally got rid of the sack of glass I was sleeping on and got a real bed
-Made a kickass Board Game
-Taught a class of 4th Graders
-Went to a real Kwiki Mart
-Met a Zombie
-Trained to Fight The Undead
-had a blanket made of me to hang on my own wall
Hosted Gameshows at my old job
Quit the Old Job because they got really sucky
-Made Wheldon Smiley II
-Worked out and lost 25 pounds.
-Helped make AFO the best we have ever had by far
-Went to Dragoncon and had one of the best times ever
-Started school at FullSail and am learning a lot

Celebrities I met

Jason David Frank
-Grant Imahara
Richard Cheese
-Dick’s Band Lounge Against The Machine
-Aron Douglas
-Mark Shepard
-Jamie Bamber
Edward James Olmos
-Dr Steel (ok i haven’t met him, but I have send emails back and forth a few times, and I want him on the list)

Richard Cheese
-Weird Al

-Superman returns
-Guitar Hero
-Mass Effect
-Metal Gear: Portable Ops
Half Life Orange Box
-Saints Row
-Crack Down
Strangle Hold

Song to remind me of 2007
Lament For A Toy Factory” Dr. Steel

Best Movie

Worst Movie

Dragon Wars

Best Show
BattleStar Galactica

Books Read
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I’m the Devil I’m the Metal
More like Jason David Awesome

Best Moment Of The Year
That would have to be AFO. It was most likely the extra time I had to work on it between work ending and school starting, but everything came together perfectly this year. I even got a standing ovation at the wrap up meeting a week later. totally awesome.