Ok here’s the deal:

I started my new job today and they pay quickly, my first check will be next Thursday and after that things should be mellow for a while.

Problem is, to get that job took the last of our resources and we some utilities due that can’t wait. Basically we need to raise 200 – 500 bucks fast.

Gabi and I have asked our parents for cash for months and I really don’t want to do that one last time, so I thought I would at least try a different approach and start the first annual wacko media fundraiser. I’m working on a video to go with it right now, but that won’t be done till this weekend, and I’d rather you know it’s coming.

Here’s what I’m offering:

If you donate to the cause I’ll add your name to the credits of the next episode of wacko reviews, and I’ll also review whatever the two highest bidders would like me to.

I know that’s not much, so I’m actually hoping for some kindness from family and friends on this one.

What do you say? Even a dollar will help greatly.

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