Just before Christmas Gamefly sent me Duke Nukem Forever.

Like everyone else I had been waiting for the big guy for the last 13 years so even with the bad reviews I wanted to play it for at least a little bit. After about a week of play I beat it at the easiest level, and you know what? I like it.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t pay full price, but I found it to be a fascinating look into what it takes to make a videogame. As I played I saw the years and influences on each level. I could almost see the exact moment when Half Life 2 came out and the word came down to make Duke exactly like it.

It did have it’s own original ideas too, the shrink ray levels were well though out, and although the car driving parts felt a little like Half Life Ep1 I still enjoyed them. The game was a bit unpolished but was very playable.

The only real problem I had with the game was right in the middle. (there’s a spoiler here if you care)

See these girls? They’re the Holsome twins and they are Dukes main chicks. Near the beginning of the game they get kidnapped and in the middle you find them again… getting constantly raped. They make jokes about being pregnant and then suddenly explode. They get raped to death and that’s the last we see of them.

That’s awful freaking dark! These aren’t the only chicks in that scene either.

But I understand that this was a level that was never really completed. I’m sure if the game was developed as it should be they would have pulled this section from the game because it’s tone was so off from the rest of it.

Still, it’s really sad the girls don’t some how come back at the end, they didn’t have a lot of character but they were just as charismatic as Duke so they deserved better.

But to turn this back positive, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Counter to what you’ve heard I recommend trying it out if you get the chance. If you like video games it’s worth a look.

I hear this game was bought with the idea of making a Duke game with a more normal development phase. I hope this is the case and it’s a sequel, cus I want to see Duke as president!